1BRO Global Inc is the Philippines’ Fastest Growing and #1 Business Opportunity Today!

1BRO Global is a 100% Filipino-owned company that aims to give every Filipino a chance to build a business around unified prepaid loading platform while promoting better health and wellness.

The company utilizes a system that aims to provide tools for members, allowing them to build their own businesses and create an additional income stream.

The idea behind this business is to provide its members with prepaid load at wholesale price – same with what your “suking tindahan” gets when they sell prepaid load. Members are also compensated by promoting the products and concept of 1BRO to other people and on multiple generations!

Aside from this, members can opt to avail health and wellness products at discounted rates, which offers more income opportunities. Telecommunications, and health and wellness are 2 of the biggest industries today, and being a member of the company gives you the chance to cash-in on these industries.

1BRO Offers More Products And Services To Its Customers Everywhere

From prepaid load & cards to health & wellness products, 1BRO has the most product to offer in the market that makes it a great business opportunity for everyone. You are ready to expand your business from the moment you start - reach out to Filipinos everywhere, aim high, aim global

LoadCentral Unified Prepaid E-Loading Service

1BRO Global is a marketing arm of LoadCentral, the most successful distribution solution provider for all prepaid services company in the country. Products includes E-Loads, Physical Call Cards, Prepaid Internet Cards, Online Gaming Cards, Satellite Cards and others.

LoadCentral – Unified Prepaid Loading Service

LoadCentral is being utilized by huge companies such as Ministop, Robinsons, SM, Netopia, Western Union, and Cebuana Lhuillier for almost 20 years. LoadCentral made it possible for the company to give its members access to more than 400 prepaid products at discounted prices. That’s far more than what your “suking tindahan” will ever have in their list of products.

As a member of 1BRO Global, you will have access to all kinds of prepaid products in the Philippines such as Globe, Touch Mobile, Smart, Talk n’ Text, Sun, Smart Link, Smart BRO, Sun Broadband, PLDT, Dream Cable, Cignal TV, Level-Up Games, AMPED Games, E-Games, Garena and a lot more.

VitalHealth Cryptomonadales & Vital-Essence Crypto PPARs

1BRO Wellness Cryptomonadales Crypto PPARs

Vital-Essence PPARs supplementary powder stands for Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Riceptors, a group of nuclear receptors proteins that function as transcription factors regulating the expression of genes.

Vital-Health Cryptomonadales supplementary tablet is a natural component which is rich in proteins, essential amino acids. It contains natural vitamins like Beta-carotine, vitamin A, B, C and E, all which are necessary to maintain our growth and health. It is also rich in minerals like selenium which is believed to have anti-cancer properties. Unlike other animal products or synthetic food, all nutrients of Cryptomonadales are botanical, organic, importantly, Cryptomonadales contains natural phycocyanin and PPARs agonist.

VitalHealth Glutamix Whitening & Slimming Dietary Supplement

VitalHealth Glutamix Whitening & Slimming Dietary Supplement

Vital Health Glutamix natural whitening & slimming dietary supplement is patented formula combining premium grade L-Glutathione and L-Carnitine that whitens the skin and aids in burning of excess fats to convert it into a more useful energy.

VitalHealth Glutamix Whitening & Slimming Dietary Supplement utilizes the exclusive L-Glutathione & L-Carnitine that infuses potent anti-oxidants, glutathione and vitamin C that synergistically works together for a visibly whiter skin and a healthy body. It also slows down aging process by functioning as an anti-oxidant.

VitalHealth Cleanze+ Healthy Juice Drink Rich In Fiber

Fibers for a healthy colon! Perfect combination of fibers to supplement your diet, and help you smile with relief!

VitalHealth Cleanze+ Fiber-Rich Juice Drink

Colon cancer is one of the major causes of death today. Our body is not built to withstand the destruction caused by processed foods. VitalHealth Cleanze+ is a fiber-rich juice drink that will help you flush out all toxins from your body.

VitalHealth Cleanze+ together with a healthy diet and lifestyle, will help you regulate healthy bowel movement, improve health of skin, regulate PMS, increase overall energy level, start healthy weight loss and reduce bad breath.

Small Capital Business Huge Income Potential

Before you start the hunt for capital investment it's essential you accurately assess the amount you need

Starter Package

Starter Package


Starter Package gives you access to everything 1BRO has to offer.

  • Instant E-Loading Business
  • Complete 1BRO Compensation Plan
  • Leadership Bonus: 10%
  • Accidental Insurance worth ₱100,000
  • Access to 1BRO member’s back office web portal
Premium Package

Premium Package


Premium Package includes 1BRO Wellness products worth over P6,000

  • Instant E-Loading Business
  • Load Wallet worth ₱1,000 included
  • Complete 1BRO Compensation Plan
  • Leadership Bonus: 10% and 5%
  • Accidental Insurance worth ₱100,000
  • Access to 1BRO member’s back office web portal

Rock-Solid Compensation Plan

Learn how you will earn with this business opportunity

Earn With 1BRO Philippines

Being a member of 1BRO Global gives you up to 25% discount on 400+ prepaid products. This includes all kinds of prepaid products in the Philippines, and is more than what a traditional retailer could ever have in their arsenal.

Globe, Smart, and Sun prepaid products and promos are all part of what you can offer as a member. You’ll also have access to other prepaid products such as prepaid Internet, prepaid landline, prepaid cable, online games, and even prepaid electricity!

To give you an idea of this compensation, let’s say your family has 5 members and each consumes ₱20 worth of load every day. That’s a total of ₱100 per day; ₱3,000 per month; and ₱36,000 per year. 1BRO can give you at least 10% discount on your consumption, giving you a total of ₱3,600 savings per year!

Earn With 1BRO Philippines

Investing with 1BRO Global will give you the capability to register an unlimited number of retailers. Registering your friends will give them the chance to have access to discounted prepaid products, and start selling them to others!

Dealers can make ₱200 just be sending a simple SMS command to register a retailer. The loading platform of 1BRO makes it possible for you to earn as many ₱200 as you possibly can.

Let’s just say you have 50 retailers, which is quite small considering the number of cellphone users today. You’ll make ₱10,000 for the registration alone and without spending anything for the operation of your business, as SMS charges of telco companies can be as low as FREE! Hence, you won’t have to worry about the recurring expense of your business!

Earn With 1BRO Philippines

Dealers of 1BRO Global also get up to 2% override from retailers’ load consumption. You will make money every time your retailers sell prepaid products to others.

Let’s say each of your 50 retailers can consume at least ₱300 worth of load every day. This brings their accumulated load consumption to ₱15,000 per day or ₱450,000 per month. You will then receive up to 2% of that consumption and be credited to your account in form of load wallet!

This simple computation translates to a total of ₱4,500 for 1% override and ₱9,000 for 2%! Not bad for an income that won’t require you to do anything other than teaching your retailers how they can start selling prepaid products to their customers.

Earn With 1BRO Philippines

Endorsement is the heart of 1BRO Global, which is why a system has been created for dealers to make ₱500 for every referred dealer. Unlimited direct referrals make it possible for anyone to build a salesforce that can generate more sales over time.

What makes this business even better is that you don’t have to sell anything to make money. In fact, sharing the business to your friends is already enough to build a strong income stream!

Keep in mind that you will be endorsing the whole concept of 1BRO to your friends. How hard can it be to endorse a company that will help them save money or even build a strong source of income just by using something that they’ve already been using?

Earn With 1BRO Philippines

As a member of 1BRO Global you will have 2 corporate teams (Team A and Team B). Every time the system finds a new dealer under your Team A and B, you will get an additional ₱500 as your pairing bonus.

This will be given to every dealer who makes a pair, regardless of the person who referred the new dealer. This compensation makes the system of 1BRO so powerful, allowing anyone to make money without lifting a finger!

Imagine creating a salesforce of 10 dealers on both your Team A and Team B. If each of them made at least a sale in 1 week, the company will be paying you ₱5,000, regardless of what you’re doing during the time of the endorsement!

Earn With 1BRO Philippines

Your income with 1BRO Global won’t be limited to your direct referrals and pairing bonuses. The company also utilizes “Leadership Overriding Bonus” which pays 10% of your direct referrals’ income from pairing bonus.

This ensures that dealers will have the added boost to help their direct referrals make money, regardless of where they were encoded. The more direct referrals you make, the higher your monthly leadership bonus will be.

Referring 10 dealers and helping each of them make at least ₱10,000 per month will help you earn ₱10,000 as your leadership bonus. You’ll make money with 1BRO with or without your pairing bonuses!

Earn With 1BRO Philippines

This way to make money with 1BRO Global is truly awesome, you also earn from your direct referrals own referrals. The company pays ₱25 for every new dealer on your 2nd up to 8th level. If you think that this compensation won’t be that much, take a look at the stunning digits that this compensation can deliver into your pocket!

₱12.2 million just by following the Power of 5 – you referred 5 dealers who referred 5 new dealers each, who then referred 5 new dealers each and so on until the 8th level. That’s how much money this compensation can generate!

This does not limit you to referring 5 dealers, though. You can refer as many new dealers as you possibly can and still make ₱25 for every new 1BRO dealer. That’s how much your ₱3,988 pays, proving that this is really one of the best business opportunities in the Philippines today!

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Starter Package

Starter Package

Starter Package gives you access to everything 1BRO has to offer. Includes the complete 1BRO Compensation Plan and Accidental Insurance worth ₱100,000. Plus access to 1BRO member’s back office web portal.
Order Package
Premium Package

Premium Package

Premium Package includes Starter Package and 1BRO Wellness products worth over P6,000 plus complete 1BRO Compensation Plan and Accidental Insurance worth ₱100,000 and access to 1BRO member’s back office web portal.
Best Option
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Why 1BRO Is Your Best Business Option Today

Here are some of the key features that every 1BRO dealer enjoys and is proud to have

Business in a Box

1BRO Global has everything that you need for a business. Start your business right after your registration or whenever possible. From business legalities up to inventories; marketing campaigns up to compensation, 1BRO management takes care of everything. It’s a complete business system, waiting for business-minded individuals, like you, to get started!

Fast Growing

The number of 1BRO dealers since 2012 has grown exponentially and now spans all over the Philippines and across the globe! 1BRO Global started its operation on October 12, 2012. Since then, it has already created 15 millionaires and hundreds of leaders. It is also backed by more than 75,000 dealers who are enjoying their access to discounted products and services.

Globally Recognized

1BRO is a global brand recognized by the international community for providing high quality services to its members. Be proud of your own business by choosing a company that you can really brag about. Be part of a dynamic and globally awarded company with 1BRO. Get all the perks of a member, together with every service that they have to offer in an instant!

Huge Target Market

Telecommunications and prepaid loading service are some of the most lucrative industries in the Philippines today! 1BRO Global offers telecommunication services with over a hundred million consumers. With a target market this huge, combined with top-notch network leaders, it’s not surprising that the company grows at an unimaginable rate!

Diversified Product Line

Aside from hundreds of prepaid products available, 1BRO also offers a wide-range of wellness product options to choose from. 1BRO Global also has an arsenal of wellness products to promote better health. Get the wellness package for added compensation and product line. It is for members who want to build a stronger foundation for their business through health and wellness.

Low Capital

Traditional businesses need hundreds of thousands to get started. 1BRO only requires minimal capital to get started! ₱3,988 won’t get you anywhere with traditional business. With 1BRO’s compensation plan, however, you’re ₱3,988 can earn as much as ₱30,000 per day! Have access to a business system by spending less than the price of the smartphone you’re holding!

Hybrid Compensation

Make money by selling prepaid products or by endorsing the business. Work on your business the way you want to! A well-known weakness of most MLM companies is that they can only focus on one part of a business at a time; either direct selling or endorsement. 1BRO seamlessly combines both, and members can easily cash in on its lucrative compensation.

100% Team Support

Our team offers the most comprehensive support system that you need to make your business work – 100% guaranteed! Starting your business with 1BRO can be daunting at first. By providing the right training, tools, tips and techniques, our team can help you succeed in this business with ease. With 3 years of experience in the business, you are sure to be right on track!

Easy Home Based Business That You Can Do While Having A Day Job

Watch the business explainer video below presented by Mr. Peewee Guasque, 1BRO Top Earner and #1 Network Marketer in the Philippines. Learn how 1BRO can help you earn from this fast-selling business opportunity.


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